Nick & Liesl

Rhythms magazine review Friend and Lover

09 Feb 2013
Nick & Liesl

Rhythms magazine review Friend and Lover




It has been a while since Nick and Liesl last released any new music, and I was starting to wonder when I would hear something new from them again. Lo and behold here it is. Descried as an “in-betweener”, the sweet sounding duo has released a 5-track EP to satiate the appetites of fans between albums, and they have done it well.

After reviewing their 2011 album Feather, I must admit that I had some expectations when listening to Friend and Lover. Occasionally, expectations with music are dangerous, but luckily they were met. Nick and Liesl have delivered, again.

The title track is very reminiscent of Feather. Nick’s bright insightful lyrics, Liesl’s harmonies and the steady toe-tapping pace pull you in, and take you back. Everything works.

The second track on the EP, “Raphaël”, takes you by surprise but a pleasant one at that. A French revelation, Liesl’s voice is crisp and sharp, yet effortless. Even if you don’t understand French, the beauty of the language and her voice combined is wonderfully captivating. Another enjoyable surprise was the choice to cover John Mayer’s ‘Your Body is A Wonderland’. To be completely honest, I never would have expected Nick and Liesl to do this, but it left a smile on my face. Again, their harmonies just work! Bright, bubbly, and it fit right into their style.

Throughout the EP, again Liesl’s voice is graceful and wonderfully natural, while Nick’s is just as effortless. Together, they create something superb. As an acoustic album, it does everything right. Covers, originals, old and new songs. If only it was longer. For now, my appetite for Nick and Liesl’s music has been satisfied, but I look forward to hearing more of them in the future.

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